Fiverr: Self-publishers can now buy book-related services

Fiverr has now discovered the attractive self-publishing market. The service portal not only provides cover design and illustrations, but also proofreaders, editors and authors.

Fiverr is known to many as an online marketplace for digital services. The design for the business card, the flyer or the web design – all of this can be booked with the Israeli startup, which is now active in 160 countries. And it is precisely the internationality with the different price structures in different countries that makes the portal attractive for German clients (but mostly not for Western European contractors). A business card design, a podcast jingle or intro or a WordPress adaptation for a price of 10 or 20 euros – hardly any local freelancer can keep up. But even at Fiverr, quality and individuality have their price. Sensible works that can be used for more than just household use,

Fiverr conveys: From business e-books to cookbooks

Now the Israeli company has opened a Book & E-Book Store for self-publishers. They can now purchase all book publishing services around the world. Regardless of whether it is editing, illustration and design of the cover or advertising and other services related to publication – Book & E-Book Store * all of this can be found in the . And if necessary, there are also authors who want to help you write – for business e-books for lead generation, cookbooks or literary works.

We can look forward to the first experiences with this platform . Because what usually doesn’t work very well for simple tasks such as the purely technical creation of a business card or the design revision of a PowerPoint presentation does not get better with more intellectually demanding activities. If you take into account that the commission for the contractor is around 20 percent, in many cases there isn’t much money left.

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