Tips to Calculate the SEO Budget for Your Small Business

There are many ways to calculate the SEO budget for your small business. First, determine which marketing strategies will be most effective for your business. Some of the most effective techniques for small businesses are free or very low-cost. However, they will still cost a lot. Here are a few tips to help you calculate the SEO budget for your small company. To make sure you’re not overspending, consider outsourcing some of your SEO work.

Whether you’re planning to outsource your SEO campaign or do it on your own, it is important to establish a realistic budget. In most cases, the best SEO in Canberra companies charge between two to four thousand dollars per month. It is important to keep your budget in mind, as spending more in one month may not yield the same results. Also, you should ensure that you’re spending money on quality over quantity.How to Use an Operating Income Formula to Determine Your Budget | Elegant  Themes BlogOnce you’ve established a realistic budget for SEO, start assessing the ROI of the various methods. Then, assign a percentage of this budget to each channel. For example, if you spend 10% of your Google Ads budget on SEO, you’ll get more traffic than with your Google Ads campaign. In fact, you’ll get more ROI from SEO than you would from other marketing channels.

The SEO budget for a small business should be determined by determining how much money your company can afford. Considering the cost of SEO campaigns, you should allocate a portion of your marketing budget to each of them each month. Remember, SEO costs should be allocated evenly. For example, a three-month period may require a $100-$200 investment per month. Similarly, a month with a high ROI is a good idea if you have more cash to spend on marketing.

If you’re unsure of how much you’re willing to spend on SEO, it is essential to calculate your customer’s lifetime value. Typically, this will determine how much to invest on each channel. SMEs usually allocate a portion of their advertising budget to SEO, while large enterprises may devote the entire budget to other marketing channels. For a small business, a larger SEO budget will help them reach their goals and grow.

While you may think that the amount of money you spend on SEO is a small fraction of your overall budget, you should still consider the ROI. This will help you choose which marketing tactics to spend your time and money on. A good SEO budget should be able to cover all of your business’s marketing needs. If your business has an ad budget, a website should be optimized for search engines.

When calculating your SEO budget, consider the strategy and how much your business is willing to spend. The most successful marketing campaigns have a consistent focus. Choosing the right strategy will increase your sales. Your marketing strategy should be focused on increasing sales and generating more revenue. For an effective SEO campaign, you need to make sure that you have sufficient money to fund your marketing efforts. Then, you can allocate your SEO expenditures.

Having a budget for your SEO campaign is critical for your success. Despite the fact that it’s important to allocate budget funds for SEO, your business should be aware that its marketing budget is based on the speed at which your competitors rank for your keywords. It’s also important to know that small businesses have limited marketing resources and must make wise decisions in order to maximize the ROI of their efforts.

Your SEO budget should include your business’s annual marketing budget and your overall marketing budget. Your SEO strategy should be focused on achieving the best results for your ecommerce website. Moreover, you should ensure that the SEO company you hire is experienced and has the expertise and reputation to handle your SEO campaign. If you want to achieve maximum results, allocate more money to the months that your SEO campaign will be most beneficial for your business.

Pay Per Click Management & Advertising Agency

The pay per click agency will focus on optimizing your online marketing strategy to maximize your ROI. A good PPC manager will keep track of all costs to reduce your overall spend. They will also use keywords to target audiences that are more likely to buy your products. Once you’ve set up your pay per click campaign, you’ll be ready to start seeing results almost immediately. A PPC management service will research your audience and keywords to ensure you’re reaching your business goals.

The PPC management agency will perform research, create and post ads, and manage ad spend. Landing page design and conversion rate optimization are also part of the PPC management agency’s services. These services are a must-have for any business that wants to increase their online visibility and conversion rates. If you’re planning on implementing a pay-per-click marketing strategy, a PPC management & advertising agency can help you achieve your goals.

Best PPC Advertising Services Agency in Albuquerque

PPC management & advertising agency’s services can boost your business’s online presence and revenue. Pay per click ads can generate sales in a matter of hours. SEO efforts, on the other hand, may not start showing up for weeks, months, or even years. If you’d like to get the most out of your PPC campaign, you’ll need to pay attention to the details. A reputable PPC management & advertising agency can help you optimize your campaigns and generate success.

A Pay Per Click management & advertising agency can help you with all of these aspects. They can handle the research and planning necessary to produce results and ensure the highest ROI. They will set up your PPC campaign and see results almost immediately. In the first three months, your PPC campaign will need to be optimized to be effective, so the results will be visible within a short period of time. The goal is to increase your conversions as quickly as possible. The process is often quite complex, but you will see the benefits almost immediately.

Pay Per Click management and advertising agencies offer a range of other services. For example, a PPC management agency can handle research, develop and post PPC ads, monitor ad spend, and make recommendations for keywords for PPC campaigns. The agency can also manage your landing pages and improve conversion rates to optimize your ad performance. These services will ensure that you have a high ROI with your PPC campaigns.

A PPC management agency will research the most suitable keywords. They will also create and post the ads to your chosen platforms. They will also monitor your ads’ performance. They will also oversee the ad spend. A pay per click management and advertising agency can help you run a successful PPC campaign. This service can be a huge benefit for your business. This type of PPC management & advertising will help you generate leads and generate sales.

A PPC management agency will manage your campaign. It will conduct research and create PPC ads. It will also monitor your ad spend. It will ensure your PPC advertising campaign achieves its goals and generates more traffic. The pay-per-click advertising agency will keep track of your campaigns and monitor them for you. They will monitor your ads and manage them for you. The agency will help you get the most ROI and optimize them to maximize the potential of your PPC campaigns.

A PPC campaign requires careful research, strategy, and implementation. An effective PPC campaign will boost qualified traffic to your website. It can be seasonal or based on an offer. In both cases, the PPC campaign is highly effective. When done well, it will produce great results. In addition to driving targeted traffic, a paid search campaigns can generate sales and leads. It is important to note that a successful campaign will require a good mix of SEO and PPC.

A PPC campaign is more effective if you target a broad audience. A high-quality PPC ad can attract more customers than a single ad in a single search. It is also more cost-effective. It can improve your website’s ranking in organic search results, but it will take time to see results. A good pay per click management & advertising agency will ensure that your pay-per-click marketing efforts are more effective and profitable than ever.

What Should I Look For in a Pancake Compressor?

A pancake air compressor is a portable compressor that is meant to run small pneumatic tools. These models have small cylindrical tanks and a capacity of under 6 gallons. This is sufficient for nail guns and paint sprayers but not for large tools. Its motor sits on top of the tank and the handle extends above the tank for easy operation. They are usually inexpensive and can be used for a wide range of tasks.

A pancake air compressor is useful for filling car tires, saving time and money. Proper tire pressure improves gas mileage and extends tire life. A good compressor will also fill bicycle and sporting equipment tires, small air tools, rafts, and other similar devices. Its versatility is unmatched, with a range of applications. The air volume produced by a pancake air compressor decreases as the operating pressure increases. Go through for more information. Air Compressor, Line Setup and How to Use Air Tools for Beginners - YouTubeA pancake air compressor is not as powerful as a hot dog air compressor. For this purpose, you may need a smaller model. The power of a pancake air conditioner should be enough to fill the tires of a vehicle. Make sure you choose one with enough power. A large number of tools have specific minimum air pressure to perform their function. A longer hose is more convenient and easier to use compared to an extension cord.

Another feature to look for in a pancake air compressor is noise level. If you use the air compressor in a garage, you may be concerned about its noise level. But don’t worry. Most pancake air compressors have a rating on their packaging. This makes it easier for you to determine which ones are quietest. A rugged design is also important, especially if you need it for heavy-duty work. A metal cage around the compressor also adds durability.

When purchasing a pancake air compressor, you should consider the weight. It should be light enough to carry from one place to another. The air tank of a pancake air compressor should be at the bottom of the unit. The pancake air compressor is usually portable, so it will save floor space. It will also have rubber feet to minimize vibration and prevent damage to floors. It should also be lightweight enough to be carried by two people.

An air compressor’s tank capacity is an important factor. A typical pancake air compressor has a tank capacity of 6 gallons. Some of these models only hold a couple of gallons. A higher capacity means more air. A higher tank capacity will give you a longer life expectancy and more versatility. However, the higher the volume of the tank, the more noise it will produce.

When buying a pancake air compressor, be sure to pay attention to the noise level. A pancake air compressor can be extremely noisy. If you use it for industrial purposes, you should look for a pancake air compressor with a lower noise level. If you’re a hobbyist, you can also buy a pancake air compressor for home use. This type of tool will make your life more convenient.

A pancake air compressor should have a drain at the bottom of its air tank. Water can accumulate inside the air compressor and cause corrosion to the tank. To avoid this problem, look for a pancake air compressor with a water-proof tank. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty pancake compressor, a metal cage will add strength and durability to its construction. While a hot dog air compressor is easier to transport, the pancake version is more efficient.

A pancake air compressor should have a high noise-reduction rating. You can check the noise level of a pancake air compressor by reading its packaging. Normally, a pancake air compressor can hold up to six gallons of air. A low-noise model should not be too loud. A low noise level will mean that it can be placed in a garage or on a ladder with ease.

How to Hire a Security Guard

The first step in hiring a security guard is to determine his or her training and experience. This includes power to arrest, baton, and pepper spray certifications, CPR and first aid certifications, and any other certifications necessary for his or her job. The company should have a website or social media accounts and tell potential candidates to follow them to stay up-to-date. The job description should also include a call to action for applicants to apply.

The hiring process of London Bodyguard services should also include drug tests and background checks. It is also important to determine the technological aptitude of the guard. In recent years, security guards are required to use more technology. They must be able to use various technologies and maintain their own records. This may include CCTV cameras, real-time guard tour tracking software, and security guard reporting software. Depending on the nature of your need, you should hire an individual who is capable of handling such tasks.

School Security Guard Service, In Client Side, Yuva Security And Services | ID: 20086966848

Screening your prospective security guards for these qualifications is crucial. The higher their qualifications, the better. A security guard should also be self-sufficient and have good interpersonal skills. If possible, they should also have some computer knowledge or some technological aptitude. This way, they can be a valuable asset to the company.

Before hiring a security guard, you need to determine the budget. The costs vary depending on where you are located. Midwestern areas will likely be cheaper than coastal areas. If you live in a densely populated area, you may have more choices and access to experienced guards. In addition, state and local tax burden and regulations may also add to the cost of hiring a security guard. A reliable, trustworthy company with an excellent reputation is the key to long-term business relationships.

A good security guard should be trained and licensed. A certified guard has a license to work and must be trained and certified. They should also have some computer knowledge and some technological aptitude. This will help them provide better service to the company. In addition to being well-qualified, a security guard should be reliable, dependable, and friendly to customers. A well-trained guard can be a valuable asset to your business.

Aside from a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record, a good security guard should be familiar with the city and state laws. The safety of your customers and property may depend on who you hire, so the job description should be clear and detailed. You can post a free job listing on a free classifieds website and wait for applicants to respond. A qualified candidate can guarantee the safety of your business.

When hiring a security guard, you should make sure he or she has the necessary qualifications. They should be able to pass a background check, as well as write tests. If you need someone to work in a specific area of the city, consider hiring an employee who is knowledgeable in that area. Some people have a computer knowledge, while others do not. A person with these skills should be able to effectively communicate with the public and understand the needs of the customer.

When hiring a security guard, you should also make sure the individual meets the company’s standards and is competent in the field. It is best if the person has a CPR certification and has completed a PPE course. The more experience a security guard has, the better. If the individual is well-qualified, the company should also have a background check on him or her. If not, he or she should undergo a background check.

Before hiring a security guard, ensure that the company is licensed and has a good reputation. The hiring company should also have a valid license and insurance. It should be insured and comply with local laws and guidelines. The contract should contain a clause regarding liability. If the security guard does not have this insurance, he or she cannot work for the company. If the security guard is licensed, he or she should have a background check.

How to Increase Your Hair Densities and See the Amazing Results

You are probably looking for the most effective ways to increase your hair densities and see the amazing results. Well, you have come to the right place. This article will teach you some of the most effective ways you can increase your hair’s density. Read on.

The first and most important way you can do in order to increase your hair’s density is by using a good quality hair loss shampoo. Many people think that a good quality hair loss shampoo can not work in increasing their hair density, but the truth is, they are very effective. They contain certain ingredients that help block the production of DHT, which is the main cause of loss of hair. One of the best and most potent shampoos for hair loss is from ProFollica, which is a shampoo that uses natural ingredients. It contains certain herbs that helps stimulate your scalp pores and give you the most powerful results.How to increase hair density? Why is it important for everyone? | by Ventha  V | Medium

Another way you can increase your density of hair is by using certain shampoo that promotes better circulation of blood in your scalp region. This will increase the flow of blood and nutrients to your follicles, resulting to improved hair growth and healthier scalp. Nioxin is a very good natural shampoo that helps promote better circulation. In this kind of shampoo you won’t experience any unpleasant side effects, because it contains only natural ingredients.

Nioxin can also improve the condition of your hair if you regularly apply it on your hair. It also improves the growth of hair because it increases the blood supply in your scalp region. In addition, if you want to improve your hair thickness, then Nioxin is a must-have product. Nioxin effectively thickens hair and stops hair loss caused by different factors such as stress, age, and hormonal change.

If you are one of those people who suffer from baldness problems, then you should try Revivogen. This shampoo works on your hair loss problem by providing vitamins and minerals essential for your hair to grow naturally. Revivogen increases the density of your hair and stops hair loss caused by hair fall. It is a natural shampoo made from the finest ingredients known to man. If you want to see the amazing results from this shampoo then you have to apply it regularly on your hair.

There are several reasons why shampoo fails to work on some people’s hair. Most often, it is due to their skin type of hair. It is not recommended to use shampoos with alcohol and sulfates. Alcohol and sulfates can cause dryness and irritation on your scalp while sulfate causes hair loss and scalp itchiness. Always make sure to choose hair care products that contain all-natural ingredients so you can stop hair loss easily.

Webassign Exams – How Students Can Improve Their Grades With Online Homework

There are many free online textbook providers, but one stands above the rest in my opinion as offering the best combination of convenience, value, and variety. Online Webassign answers is an excellent choice for students looking to buy textbooks online at the best prices available. To access the service all you need is a browser and an Internet connection. Webassign is a textbook seller with hundreds of online bookstores, helping you to buy just about any textbook you can think of. In fact, some of their most popular courses are math, English, History, Business and Technology, and Psychology.

By registering with your Webassign email account you can browse thousands of new or used books on a multitude of topics. Each lesson has a review section that will help you determine which chapters or sections of each chapter to focus on so you get the most benefit from the course. Once you’ve learned the material, you can then access the Webassign Answers tab where you can get help with practice tests to help you prepare for the real exam. The way to get good grades while taking this test is to be prepared and ready when you enter the exam room.

When you access the Webassign Answers tab, you will be able to find several formats of the Webassign test that can be used to practice and gain confidence before entering the real exam. The choices include multiple-choice, short answer, and a full response. Practice tests and homework answers are provided for all of the subjects covered in the curriculum. Because the site offers so much, it is easy to overlook the other features on offer, but this is an important feature that Webassign Answers helps to make easy to use.

Some of the other features of the Webassign Answers program are a large database of homework and practice questions, as well as an A+ practice test. It’s possible to access practice tests for many subjects including English, Math, Reading, and Science, and even your high school history subject! One of the great features that really come in handy is the “A+ answer key” which allows you to type in the correct answer for a practice test and immediately gets you correct answers for that subject.

One of the best features on the site is the interactive whiteboard. This interactive board offers a huge variety of activities for students to participate in. The ability to share their work online, easily draw a chart of their work, or just save their work for future reference is one of the best parts of the WebAssign answers program. Even if you never considered taking Calculus in high school, taking a practice exam, or answering homework problems using the WebAssign answers can help prepare you for the real exam.

There is something for every subject, from math to English and everything in between! You will have a great time reviewing for your Calculus exam, practicing for the exams in your area, and sharing your work on the WebAssign answers site with your friends! Students everywhere are taking advantage of the many benefits of this software that has been developed for high school students, colleges, and employers. Give the Webassign Answers program a try for next year’s homework, you won’t be disappointed.

The Importance of a Online Grammar Checker Tools

The importance of a grammar checker online cannot be underestimated. You can check your essay, your papers or your project before you send it to your publisher. This makes you feel more assured about the kind of paper that you are going to give. Moreover, such a tool will help you avoid costly mistakes and make your work flawless.

A grammar checker is actually a program which you can use to detect grammar errors in documents. It is designed to detect the spelling errors as well as the structural errors in a paper. In fact, most students find it very useful even before they start writing their papers.

A grammar checker is an extremely effective tool that is available for free online. It is designed to help punctual and conservative writers eliminate the possible grammar errors in their papers. The drawback is that it is not able to spot spelling errors. For instance, if you are drafting a newspaper article, a tool like this may be very useful. However, if you are a blogger, you will not be able to use such a software.

In addition, such a tool offers you so many benefits that a standalone program is just not capable of offering. For instance, it will help users detect and correct incorrect punctuation, grammar, tense and sentence structure. Ginger, on the other hand, is a popular grammar and spelling checker that offers users so many benefits.

It is not just a grammar checker, but also a powerful English grammar corrector. First of all, the tool offers users the ability to search for the English grammar corrector based on keywords. In addition, the tool allows you to save a large number of potential matches to your desired vocabularies. Moreover, the tool provides extensive editing capability, which will allow users to make changes according to their own needs. Apart from correcting grammar and spelling mistakes, this checker also allows users to track their progress over a period of time. The fact that it can also be used as a word processor by adding words and sentences according to the pre-determined vocabulary makes it even more powerful than an ordinary word processor.

Another major advantage of this product is its speed. This is especially useful for students who have a lot of work to do and need to spend only a few minutes correcting their grammar mistakes. This grammar checker also offers suggestions, which will give you a clearer idea about how to proceed with your project. In addition, you can get suggestions from different people who have made mistakes using the same grammar software.

Do you want to read more books, but fail miserably? That’s guaranteed to work

Read more books, improve their general education – this is what many people plan to do in the New Year. But the plan often fails miserably in everyday life. Nine tips from an ex-reading grouch.

No desire, no time. For a long time, those were my murderous arguments when it came to reading books. After all, as a screen worker, I’ve been busy with letters all day, and you’re glad to be able to sit comfortably on the couch after work and let Netflix shower you with it.

But what remained in the back of the mind was the desire for more general education. After more variety beyond the news feed from Facebook and more balance from my job in the fast-moving media industry. I was always plagued by a bad conscience. So I ordered an interesting-sounding book from Amazon and made up my mind to read more immediately – and it failed miserably.

Finally read more books: this is how it works

It took me weeks for the three-hundred-page “100 Dollar Startup” and months for longer novels. Often I didn’t read at all for six months. Again and again I caught myself with the iPhone in my trouser pocket becoming more interesting after a few minutes than the book I was reading. So I didn’t enjoy reading. Due to constant interruptions, I soon fell back into my old habits. In the meantime I know: As with all good intentions, success does not depend solely on will, but also on organization. As with jogging, you have to create an environment that you are happy to return to. Just as preparation for a marathon begins with a light training plan, good shoes and a nice running route, the right conditions for reading must also be created.

1. Kill your smartphone

The smartphone is the biggest reading killer.  Therefore: Far, far away with it.  (Photo: <a href?""> Shutterstock </a>)

The smartphone is the biggest reading killer. Therefore: Far, far away with it. 

To be able to read more books at all, we must first get rid of the things that are holding us back. And that includes – believe it or not – especially your smartphone. You probably spend a lot of time every day, bored, scrolling through the news feeds on Facebook and Instagram, responding to Whatsapp messages or watching YouTube videos. Often you will also pick up your smartphone without knowing what you are actually looking for. An enormous time waster. According to a report by Quartz, US citizens spend an average of 608 hours a year on social networks .

608 hours a year – during this time, according to the portal, theoretically over 200 books can be read at normal reading speed. In practice, you should silence your smartphone when you pick up a book. That means: flight mode on and off with it in the farthest corner of the drawer!

2. Read on an e-book reader

Die-hard book fans will surely contradict me on this point. Partly for good reason: The slightly musty smell of paper, the velvety spine of the book, the sound of turning the pages – all of this makes reading a normal book an experience. But e-book readers like the Kindle Paperwhite * or Tolino Shine are also great inventions. Especially since they make it easier for those who don’t like reading to get started. E-book readers offer space for thousands of books, weigh much less than any tome at around 150 grams and one battery charge lasts for weeks. Compared to regular books, e-books arealso cheaper and protected from dirt and water. Thanks to the integrated reading light, e-book readers are perfect for on the go – the most important tip for more reading time.

3. Always take a book with you when you leave the house

Regardless of whether you take the tram to the office in the morning, have a doctor’s appointment or your train is delayed again: Instead of fooling around on your smartphone during this time, you can simply pick up your book. Ten or 20 minutes are enough to complete entire chapters. It is not always easy at first, and you may find it pointless to close a book after a few minutes. But extrapolated to a whole working week, you will quickly notice a great reading progress. So: Carry your e-book reader (or normal book) with you as reliably as your front door key.

4. Schedule fixed reading times

You can also read more books at home without having to forego other nice things like Netflix or computer games. Get up earlier before work so that you can read a book for at least 30 minutes beforehand. Nonfiction books in particular are ideal for this. It’s a great feeling to come to the office in the morning and have already learned something. You can also read in a targeted manner after work. An hour before dinner, for example. Depending on your marital status and other obligations, this can only be certain days of the week.

5. Create the right atmosphere

If you want to read more books, you also have to create a feel-good atmosphere.  (Photo: <a href=""> Shutterstock </a>)

If you want to read more books, you also have to create a feel-good atmosphere. 

It’s dark in the apartment, your feet are cold, you don’t have a snack to hand – who wants to read a book in peace? Therefore, before each reading unit at home, create an atmosphere in which you feel comfortable. For example, turn on your heating, put on warm socks and make yourself a hot tea. Make sure that the lighting is pleasant, even if all e-book readers nowadays have a backlight. My tip: one or two candles and a string of lights. You don’t believe how much easier it is to read then.

6. Start with one book a month

It’s like all New Year’s resolutions: Without measurable goals, habits cannot be changed in the long run. So instead of just telling yourself that you want to “read more”, you should define a challenging but realistic annual target. As with jogging, the following applies: first start slowly, then increase steadily.

So how about twelve books in the first year? Maybe that sounds like a lot to you now, but in months, that’s just about a single book. This can be done at the start for every reading grumpy. Especially since it doesn’t have to be a jack of all trades of the caliber Ken Follett. It’s okay to limit yourself to books with 200-300 pages. You will very quickly get your first sense of achievement and notice how you enjoy reading again. With a little discipline, you can even exceed your annual goal. Two years ago, I started just such a one-book-a-month challenge . After twelve books in the first year, there were already 21 books in the second year .

7. Always buy two books at once

I smiled at this tip for a long time. Because I am not only a former grumpy reader, but also a little saver. The sense of spending money on two books at once, when I only read one book anyway, didn’t immediately become apparent to me. However, I’m smarter now.

It can be very beneficial to have two or three more books on hand. First of all, there are no long pauses between new books. The longer you allow yourself to buy a new one after the end of a book, the greater the risk of falling back into old habits. Second, there is the chance to read books of different genres in parallel. There are supposed to be people who prefer to read a non-fiction book in the morning and a fantasy novel in the evening.

8. Don’t torment yourself through bad books

Have you just finished 30 pages and are you already tormenting yourself? Put the book aside! Immediately! Yes, honestly. A bad reading experience is quite normal, and just as there are boring series on Netflix, there are also books that are neither entertaining nor educational to some people. Nevertheless, many people beat their way through the brains of a book to the last page. A mistake, because: If you constantly read against your inner will, you lose the fun and motivation to read more books.

9. Share your book recommendations with others

Many people believe that reading is a lonely hobby. But that’s not true. Just as you can tell friends about a great vacation or a fun event at the office, you can also share your reading experiences with others. This is extremely important so that you keep the most important insights from a non-fiction book in mind. Books are also a great topic for small talk, because only 13 percent of the German population doesn’t read at all . You can also exchange ideas with like-minded people via online communities such as Lovelybooks or Goodreads and take part in joint reading rounds. All of this also promotes reading motivation – and steadily improves your general education.

PS: By my own estimate, I will have read around 25 books by the end of 2019. That’s still ridiculously little compared to real bookworms, but as you can see, I’m steadily improving. And the most important thing: It’s fun and my general knowledge increases noticeably. You can read about the books I read last year in my  One Book a Month Challenge posting on Facebook.

E-reader in book form: folding concept is good for taking notes

E-Ink, the maker of the market-leading e-ink reader technology, is working on an e-book reader that folds like a book and can be used with a pen to take notes. This should make e-readers much more flexible in the future.

Folding phones already exist. With the new generation, various manufacturers are making the concept suitable for the mass market. We have also seen foldable laptops, although more of an approach with two displays is used. Is the foldable e-reader coming now?

E-Ink is the market leader in e-readers. Most of the e-readers on the market rely on the display technology of the Taiwanese company. The grayscale display of the same name is considered state-of-the-art when it comes to the sharp representation of texts with minimal power consumption. With the new  Kaleido color display  , E-Ink is preparing to make a convincing offer in the field of color display. So far, this area has been dominated by tablets, which however have many other disadvantages compared to e-readers.

E-Ink brings folding readers with pen input

The following video shows a prototype of a new foldable e-reader, which also has a pen input, which was developed in collaboration with Wacom. The work on the concept seems to be carried out with some vehemence. After all, in the video we first see a prototype from June that still looks quite fragile, as well as a newer concept that seems much closer to a marketable product. The video was published by the specialist e-book website . The prototype is said to have been developed by the e-ink research department in Tokyo, Japan.

The operating concept works with a capacitive 10.3-inch touchscreen, to which a number of operating elements have been added on the right. Functions such as scrolling through the document can be triggered at the push of a button. Pen input appears to be limited to the right-hand area of ​​the screen. It is used to write notes or comments as well as to mark passages. At the top of the device, E-Ink has placed two light strips that are supposed to illuminate the screen evenly in the dark. The display is not backlit.

Is it actually practical or something for retro fans?

As can be seen in the video, the folding process makes a robust impression. E-Ink designed the hinge technology to be relatively stiff in order to avoid excessive folding processes and the resulting display breakages. It is precisely the folding aspect that makes the e-ink concept appealing. After all, in this way the e-reader corresponds in particular to what we have stored in our brain convolutions as typical for a notebook for decades. The prototype still has to prove in later stages whether practicality can follow nostalgia.

In addition to this question, it remains to be seen whether E-Ink will manage to further reduce the screen bezels and the folding area around the oversized hinges. It would also be important to bring the high latency when writing on the e-ink display to a bearable level. At the moment, pen and paper are still clearly ahead, closely followed by pens and tablets.

Nextory – the new e-book and audio book flat rate is coming to Germany

The Swedish company Nextory is launching its e-book and audio book flat rate of the same name in Germany. This offers access to “tens of thousands of audio books and e-books ” from EUR 13.99 per month .

In Germany there are so far only two large e-book flat rates with Skoobe and Kindle Unlimited and a few smaller competitors such as Readfy or Tolino Select . In the audio book segment, Amazon subsidiaries Audible and Bookbeat stand out. Now, with Nextory, an offer from Sweden is venturing onto the German market that provides e-books and audio books for a monthly subscription price in an app (iOS and Android) * .

Nextory: Tens of thousands of e-books from 600 publishers

Nextory claims to have “tens of thousands of audio books and e-books” on offer. Numerous genres are represented. The digital books and audio books are available in German and English. Nextory should have more than 600 publishers on board, as the industry portal Selfpublisherbibel writes . In contrast to other flat-rate offers on the German market – especially in the e-book area – Nextory should also make bestsellers available for download. Access to the media is unlimited during the term of the subscription.

But that also has its price. Nextory offers five different subscription options. In the cheapest model, known as silver, a user pays 13.99 euros per month – but may only use the account alone. And only e-books that are older than six months are included. If you want full access, you have to pay 16.99 euros. The family offers for two, three or four users cost between 19.99 and 29.99 euros. The subscription can be tested free of charge for 14 days.

Germany is the second market after Sweden where Nextory is launching its range, as Shadi Bitar, CEO and founder of Nextory, says. Bitar sees enormous potential in Germany, one of the world’s largest markets for digital books. According to Nextory, sales of digital audio books and e-books in Germany in 2018 were around 285 million euros. Nextory has identified 21.6 million digitally savvy readers and listeners.